Alain Moueix

Estate consultant

After serving as director for 29 years, Alain Moueix took on the role of consultant in 2021. He is the embodiment of the estate in all its forms. His notable experience in biodynamics at Château Fonroque since 2002 was extended to Château Mazeyres from 2011 onwards.


Stéphany Lesaint

Assistant manager

Stéphany has been assistant manager at Château Mazeyres since 2013. She is responsible for all administrative aspects of chateau life and regularly presents its wines all over the world.



Thomas Cézac

Cellar master

Thomas joined the Château Mazeyres team in 2020 as a young oenology graduate, and looks after every step of the winemaking process. He works together with his predecessor Ludovic Guibert, who is now technical director of Château Fonroque. He is deeply committed to biodynamics.


Jean-Michel Bernard

Head of winegrowing

Jean-Michel manages the teams and structures their work, a post he has held since 1999. Since 2011, all of his instructions have followed biodynamic practices. In 2019 he established hives, which he looks after throughout the year. Jean-Michel is also involved in developing biodynamics at Château Fonroque.



Albert Pereira

Tractor driver

Albert has been a tractor driver at Mazeyres since 1994, and regularly puts his numerous skills to use at the estate, in particular in the painstaking work of equipment maintenance.


Denis Raballand

Tractor driver

Denis has been a tractor driver since 2008.


Patrick Laroche

Tractor driver

Patrick Laroche has been a tractor driver since 2018.


Delphine Moretto

Delphine was hired in 1999 for contract work. She quickly became a key part of the winegrowing team, and in particular manages the teams of casual workers.


Mathilde Tessier

Mathilde has been assisting Delphine in her work since 2016.


Lucas Lafforgue

Cellar worker

Lucas is a cellar worker. He joined the team in 2019.

Jean-Luc site 3

Jean-Luc Marty

Tractor driver

Jean-Luc was hired in january 2022 as a tractor driver.


Lisa Marois

In charge of communication and wine tourism

Lisa joined the Château’s team in April 2022 to take charge of the communication and wine tourism.

“In Mazeyres I taught them. They listened. Together, we observe without dissecting, we listen to the organised murmuring. We share neither language nor background. Together, we quietly forge a passage to the hardy plant rising up from the soil, we show our own growth and our seasons. It draws on my power, the strength of their arms, and the bounties of the sky. Our symbolic cross. I remember their names, their faces show their spirit. I watch them working, bending over, laughing with grapes between their teeth, or closing their eyes as winter launches an icy assault. From the quiet of the office or at the bank, I strive to maintain, and sometimes defend, what they have here, what keeps their hands busy, their days, that which earns their living and mine too. They are the human element without which there is nothing.”

Alain Moueix.