“Magnificent blackcurrant nose, very fresh with fruity elegance, fresh and polished tannins,
and impressively lingering aromas: an absolute delight”

Rolf Bischel – Vinum


Château Mazeyres is a Directoire style manor house surrounded by 25.5 hectares of vines, which have been cultivated using biodynamics since 2012 and certified since 2018. The estate is on a Gallo-Roman site with roots dating back to the second century BC.


Our wines are the culmination of our work, guided always by the idea of their ultimate destination, the people who will be consuming them. This perspective inspires every step in the process. Harvesting, vinification, blending, ageing and tasting are all performed in a spirit of nurturing “what goes inside”, as our ultimate goal. As we instigate the encounter between taster and terroir, we tease out the unique taste of the soil and the vintage, the team’s energy and events throughout the year, adding our awareness of the zeitgeist to the final blend.


Guiding the work of nature to achieve the most convincing results in terms of resistance to disease, process growth, quality and refinement. Activating resources, empowering plants and people, involves seeking an alliance that draws on the know-how of the living world and turns its back on constraints.

the Rendez Vous

Amateurs and professionals, potential buyers of our wines and anyone who’s curious: all are welcome to come and find out about our techniques.

Visit Château Mazeyres

Visiting involves physical contact with the place, people and climate, thereby gaining a sensory awareness of the subject. At Château Mazeyres, we pay great attention to how we receive guests.