Le seuil de Mazeyres 2018

Le seuil de Mazeyres 2018

General Manager: Alain Moueix
Vineyard keeper: Jean-Michel Bernard
Cellar Master: Ludovic Guibert
Communication: Stéphany Lesaint

Weather conditions

2018 was a warm year, rainy in the spring then dry during the summer. After a rather cool and damp winter, the vines began to bud late and the high levels of water in the soil caused them to warm up more slowly. Rainfall levels were high during the spring, accompanied by above-average temperatures. These conditions unfortunately promoted downy mildew, causing harvest losses, some of which could be mitigated but which were nevertheless a major factor. The summer of 2018 was the hottest since 2003. Veraison was early and ripening took place in ideal conditions, namely dry weather and high levels of temperature variation between day and night. This promoted polyphenol development and produced grapes with good tannic potential and a southern style, which we had to take care not to enhance during the winemaking process. The challenge in this vintage was to preserve the wine’s full freshness.

Harvest area*

24,43 hectares

Harvest terroir*

gravels clay and sandy soils

Grapes harvested*

70 % Merlot
30 % Cabernet Franc

Harvest dates

17 September to 3 October

Cultivation methods

Organic farming, Biodynamic farming


30% in oak
70% tanks and concrete eggs tanks


25 hectolitres / ha


12 684 bottles

* For this Vintage.

Tasting notes

A violet purple colour. Very open on the nose with soft spice aromas that then open up into black fruit: blackberry, blueberry, a touch of warm caramel, and a delicate hint of strawberry jam. Hugely soft in the attack, developing a structure of wonderfully smooth tannins. The notes on the palate reflect those from the nose and linger for a very long time. This is one of the most seductive vintages of Le Seuil de Mazeyres.